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The Day It Changed

Today is the day that things have changed (in a good way) for Boulder Valley ICO. Many of you have heard me say in the past that Boulder Valley ICO receives no ongoing support from our national offices, the Colorado Chapter, or the Indian Peaks Group. Today, that has changed because we have received the first infusion of what is hoped to be ongoing support from the Colorado Chapter, thanks to advocacy from Chris Applegate and our improved connection with the Chapter. I can tell you that the $3,500 we have received from the Colorado Chapter this year does a lot to lower my blood pressure because, in our group like most ICO groups, the Chair is sort of the fundraiser in chief, and, so, I am ever mindful of the need to diversify our sources of funding so that the departure of one or the other donor does not cripple the program. But I am also grateful because this also likely signals the breakdown of silos within the organization that have plagued ICO for decades. As a member of the national Outings Leader Strategy Team, I know that the Club is actively working to break these silos down so that ICO (and outings, generally) are never again in the “other duties as assigned” category but, instead, bread and butter work of the Sierra Club.

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