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If you are a current agency partner and wish to sign youth up for a trip, you will need an account on this website

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Once you login, you will be able to add youth to the trip by visiting the Upcoming Trips page and selecting a trip

Enter Information

Only add youth who have returned their signed permission slips. Please include the all info and any special concerns.

Handling Permission Slips

It is very important that permission slips are distributed in a timely fashion, and that youth have a firm deadline for returning the signed permission slips to you.

Permission slips should be filled out completely. Please verify that all required signatures are obtained on each permission slip.

Permission slips for all participants MUST be in the hands of the ICO trip leader on the day of the trip; NO EXCEPTIONS.  Agency recruiters must coordinate with the trip leader to figure out how to exchange the p-slips. Both the recruiter’s and the trip leader’s contact info will be available on the trip webpage if you’re logged in. 


No-shows are frustrating for both agency recruiters and ICO trip leaders.  We will keep track of no-shows for all ICO trips. No-shows will be listed in the trip report for the outing.

Agency Info

List of our Client Agencies. Click to learn more and see which trips are associated with these agencies.

If you are with an agency interested in becoming a partner with us, please contact us.