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COVID Policy


Boulder Valley ICO follows the guidelines established by the national offices of the Sierra Club for outing safety. The national offices have now sunset the majority of their mandatory requirements relating to COVID, including requirements for vaccination and masking. However, we continue to ask that you not participate in outings if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID or other respiratory infectious disease. We will also continue to offer free, rapid antigen COVID tests at the start of overnight outings in order to reduce the risk of a super-spreader event on one of our outings.

If, despite, these precautions, an outings participant becomes ill, we will attempt to isolate and/or evacuate the participant if their condition worsens. In some cases, we will be sufficiently remote that medical care may be hours or days away. Because we cannot mandate vaccination of all participants or compel masking, we strongly encourage you to get vaccinated, to avail yourself of the free testing we offer, and to wear masks when in confined spaces with people who haven’t been recently tested. Your participation in our outings should be with an understanding of these revised policies.