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Thank you for submitting a recipe to our cookbook. Here are a few tips on how to make your recipe a success:

  • Create “Instruction Groups” for “At home” and “In the field”.
  • Describe desired ingredient preparation (like, “diced” or “minced”). e.g., “2 cups onion, diced”.
  • Consider proposing substitutions that would allow the recipe to evade common dietary limitations. Then use the keywords (below) that reflect the limitations so evaded.
  • Upload a photo of the recipe. You can use Google images to find one that’s close enough if you don’t have a good photo that you have taken yourself.
  • In the “Keywords” section be sure to add any of the keywords listed below that can apply to your recipe. For example, if cheese is optional or a diary-free substitution is noted, you should still mark it “dairy-free”. Tag for “backpacking” only if the meal is non-perishable and either lightweight or both calorie- and nutrition-dense.
backpackingcar campingdayhike
veganvegetarianlow glycemic
no tree nutsno shellfishegg-free
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