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The ICO Online Cookbook

Welcome to the ICO online cookbook! Click the blue boxes below to apply one or more of these filters to our library of recipes. Email us at if you see a recipe that needs correction. And please, please, please submit your own recipes to the collection!

car camping
East Indian
Main Course
no dehydrator
no nuts
no shellfish
no tree nut
no tree nuts
Side Dish

Campfire Nachos
Dal Bhat
S'Mores Cereal Bars
3 Mushroom Risotto
Backcountry Feijoada
Backpacker's Banana Sandwich
Chickpea and Spinach Curry
Date Boats
Applelicious Dutch Baby
Shrimp Scampi Foil Packets
Backpacker's Congee
Seared Sausage with Cabbage and Pink Lady Apples
Cinnamon Apple Chips
Campfire Smokey Bean Brekkie
Southwest Shredded Pork Salad
Sespe Stew
Curried Pumpkin Soup
Smoky Sausage and Black Bean Chili
Appalachian Trail Jerky
Ham & Potato Salad Sandwiches
Creamy Basil Chipotle Penne
Minestrone Soup
Cowboy Chicken and Bean Stew
Backcountry Butternut Dhal
Sesame Almond Slaw
Cheesy Campfire Potatoes
Caprese Salad Kabobs
Chicken and Shrimp Pad Thai
Mini S'mores
Campfire Nachos
Chicken and Dumplings
Ham and Jack Pudgy Pie
Tzatziki Chicken Skewers
Queso Fundido Beef Taco
Campfire Bean 'N' Ham Soup
Shrimp Boil Foil Packets
Chicken Fried Rice
Cajun Beans and Rice with Sausage
Camper's Breakfast Hash
Chicken Tortilla Soup
Lemon Gnocchi with Spinach and Peas
Georgian Chicken Stew
Turkey Tetrazzini
Fruity Dream
Ground Turkey Taco Stew
Vegan Backpacking Curry Rice
Pizza Mountain Pies
Backpacking Red Lentil Marinara
Spaghetti Puttanesca
Banana Boats
Campfire Dessert Cones
Hot Dogs With Quick Cast-Iron Beans
Eclairs on the Grill
Camping Breakfast Sandwich
Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto Pasta
Camping Dutch Oven Chicken and Dumplings
Beans and Rice with Fritos and Cheese
Tasty Vegan Pasta
Backpacker's Chili-Mac
Basil Pesto Couscous
Berbere Chicken Soup
Thai Curry
Veggie Rainbow Picnic Pie
Piña Colada Bowl
Blueberry Cookies
Camping Chilaquiles
Backcountry Sushi Hand Rolls
Berbere Spice Blend
Backpacker's Jambalaya
Banana Chips
Camping Maple Sriracha Chicken Kabobs
Backcountry Thanksgiving
Camping Breakfast Burritos
Chimichurri Chicken or Tofu and Rice
Forest Fiesta Mexican Burrito Bowl
Camp Chili and Cornbread
Curried Zucchini Soup
Desert Green Chili Stew
Wilderness Rice and Bean Pilaf
Denver Egg Backpacking Scramble
Backcountry Beef Stroganoff
Vegetable Yellow Curry
Backpacking Tortilla Soup
Backwoods Almond Berry Oatmeal
Croissant French Toast
Dehydrated Backcountry Spaghetti
Backwoods Tropical Pineapple Coconut Oatmeal
Salty, Greasy Bagels
Backpacker's Apple Crisp
Backwoods Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal
Rocky Road Chocolate Chia Pudding
Backpacking Gazpacho
Churro Chocodillas
Apple Jerky
Chickpea Curry With Coconut Milk
Camper's Cheesy Chicken Couscous
Basil Pesto Pasta
Lentil and Bacon Soup
Chili Spiced Fruit Leathers
Sausage Egg & Cheese Breakfast Sandwiches With Sriracha Honey Sauce
Your Favorite Backpacking Spaghetti
Trail Brownies
One Pot Pasta Primavera
Hot Granola
Backpacker’s Cookie Dough
Chicken Marbella
Foil Wrapped Baked Sweet Potatoes and Chili
Dehydrated Banana Granola Trail Cookies
Coconut Mango Sticky Rice
Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble
Camp Chicken Fried Rice
Unstuffed Peppers
Backpacker BBQ Sliders with Meat Shredz
Baked Apples with Vanilla Sauce
Holy Molé Breakfast Bars
Lemon Blueberry Pancakes
Easy Trail Tiramisu
Cheesy Bacon Mashed Potatoes
Dutch Oven Shawarma Sandwiches
Hiker-Ready Latte Bars
Bacon and Egg Scramble
Campfire Caprese Brie
Skillet Bear Cheese Dip
Foil Pack Chicken Nachos
Cilantro Lime Shrimp Foil Packs
Apple Pecan Loaded Oatmeal
Mushroom Mac n Cheese
Mushroom Stroganoff
Apple Cinnamon Barley Cereal
Beef Alfredo
Simple Seafood Curry
Backcountry Hummus
Foil Packet Nachos
Campfire French Toast
Trail Chili
Campfire S'More Nachos Grill Packet
Grilled Gyro Kebabs
Chocolate Almond Tsampa Energy Balls
Cowboy Stew
Garlic Lovers Salmon in Foil
Strawberry Almond Oatmeal
Easy Cheesy Salmon Pasta
Pull Apart Garlic Bread
Foil Packet Italian-Seasoned Chicken and Veggies
Very Berry Crumble
Everybody-Can-Make Pizza
Pie Iron Pizza Calzones
Campfire Enchiladas
Hobo Dinner Hamburger Foil Packets
Good Old Mac n Cheese
Grilled Foil Packet Loaded Cheese Fries
Mediterranean Couscous
Chocolate Banana Oatmeal
Bangkok Bomb
Smoked Salmon and Avocado Grain Bowl
Japanese Energy Soup
Creamy Mushroom Soup
Curried Ramen Bowl
Backpacking Burritos
Miso Soba Noodle Soup
Grilled Pineapple Chicken Kabobs
First Night Salmon Fajitas
Sweet Cornmeal Porridge
French Dip Dinner
Mushroom Tortellini With Sun-Dried Tomatoes
Campfire Grilled Cheese
Tree Frog Soup with Rattlesnake
Fireside Lasagna
First Morning Chana Breakfast Tacos