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Mt Evans Wilderness backpack

We said goodbye to summer with a last backpack trip of the season in the Mt Evans Wilderness. A couple miles of hiking up an easy trail brought us to our campsite, where we got our tents pitched just before a late-afternoon shower.

Badass hikers ready to hit the trail

A chilly night brought a cold morning where we warmed up around a fire while watching the sun make its way down the canyon walls. After a breakfast of french-toast croissants, we saddled up and hiked three miles up to a timberline lake, where a few of the crew took advantage of the warm sunny conditions to enjoy a wade in the lake.

The lake was fishless, but we were able to catch a few small brookies in the stream near camp. Michael had brought sticky rice and wasabi, and we enjoyed trout sushi in the wilderness. It was excellent.

Sushi? Heck yeah!

Sushi was followed up by burritos.

And then of course with marshmallows

A warm night was followed by a sunny morning. We lounged around in camp, had another breakfast of croissants and made our way back to the cars, refreshed by a weekend in the wilderness.

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