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Foodie on a rampage

In case you haven’t been poking around on our website, it’s worth knowing that we now have an amazing library of recipes suitable for our outings that can be easily searched and filtered and re-scaled for any outing. A few of us have contributed our favorites but the bulk of the recipes you’ll find there are the work of Melissa Wong, a foodie on a rampage. She has curated recipes from other sites, adapted them for our use, and tagged them so that they sort and filter properly. And the result is a library of excellent recipes any of us would be well-advised to consider when putting together the menu for an ICO outing. Many thanks to Melissa for the work involved in getting this library of recipes off the ground! And, if you have a recipe to contribute, please do. When you are logged in to our site, you’ll access our cookbook with the Recipes button under “Organize”. You’ll find there the recipes and links to a menu builder and a form by which to submit your own recipes. Even if you normally prepare food without a recipe, it’s sort of nice to be able to easily scale to the desired number of participants in the way that our recipe library allows.

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